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Learning to Write a Different Story

Coaching is for the times when something isn't working or when you sense you are at the edge of something new, yet can't quite access it. Perhaps you feel "over your head" or overwhelmed. Maybe, you can't seem to make the changes that you feel so committed to, or maybe you are trying to make sense of performance feedback which surprised you or feels uncomfortable.

Many things bring folks to coaching but the central question has something to do with being a better, bigger, more effective, and more resilient whole self. We are honored to meet you here, at this often messy place, and it is here that we get curious and explore with you different ways forward.

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Are you telling your story, or is your story telling you?

How might you gift yourself, your family, your organization, your community with a bigger story and a more available you?
What difference might that make?

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Coaching Approach

Each coaching curriculum, informed by rich and varied theory, is custom designed for each client but there is a general flow which is common. Coaching engagements are usually 6 to 12 months.

Phase 1: Seeing your world and its context

  • How you make meaning and see your world
  • What you deeply care about
  • What you yearn to grow toward
  • How you engage with the system you are in
  • How you work with commitments, conversations, relationships and conflict
  • How you embody your leadership

We do this in a variety of ways. Usually this involves some combination of conversations with you or interviews with your team; 360 assessments such as The Leadership Circle Profile or your internal performance assessments; or other tools such as the Enneagram or MBTI.

Phase 2: Exploring your "Edge"

At this phase we dig in deeply to your growth edges and challenges. We get deep, we get messy. Often we use an expanded version of Bob Kegan's and Lisa Lahey's Immunity to Change™ Process which uncovers deep assumptions — and deep story — keeping you in a world smaller than might be available to you. We look at your habits of thinking, being and doing. We look at how you "inhabit" your full self, your leadership, your conversations, and your commitments. We create MAPS that we explore to see patterns, missing conversations, practices and actions.

Phase 3: Practicing

Here we design and run a variety of safe-to-fail experiments as you work through the assumptions, blind spots and habits that can be shifted as you gain new perspectives both on your ways of being and your goal. Here is the adaptive work. It is messy. There is no quick fix. It takes courage, vulnerability and compassion. It requires work. It also requires lightness and humor. You might find yourself having different conversations; negotiating promises differently; centering yourself more deeply; able to hold more perspectives; being less triggered… even walking a bit lighter and having a deeper sense of play!

Phase 4: Ending well

As we wrap up our work together, we will step back and reflect on our journey and design practices that will support and sustain your growth.

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Deepen your Leadership Capacity & Contribution

We cannot manage or deepen, in ourselves or our leadership, that which we cannot see…
"we don't see things as they are, we see then as we are" (Anais Nin)…
developmental coaching changes what you see and equips you with new practices of engagement.

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Meet Vic

A leadership development coach, teacher and consultant. For over 25 years, she has been involved in organizational & leaderhip development, counseling, training, HR consulting, and coaching across industry.

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Programs & Workshops

We offer creative and innovative online or in person workshops. These workshops are co-delivered with partner associations to best fit the needs of your group and learning goals.

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Assessments, if used well, can enhance what we see, set our inquiry more quickly in context, uncover potential root causes for behavior, and to help us illuminate different ways forward.