I have worked with Vic Okerlund for five months as part of an Immunity to Change coaching process. We reflected together on elements of my leadership that are relational, creative, and less-than authentic. Vic brings an uncanny ability to listen deeply to the whole person—seeing the layers of professional, personal, and political work. Vic’s listening, use of data, and close observations have allowed me to test some of the assumptions that have controlled how I show up as a leader. I highly recommend Vic for her professionalism, compassion, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Justin May, Elementary School Principal

Vic is a gifted coach whose ability to both challenge and support clients is personalized, nurturing, and transformative. Her insights and guidance are continually reflected in my words and actions. Vic works with you to both navigate new elements of your leadership journey and to examine how existing habits and patterns can be leveraged to strengthen your whole self. Anyone looking to explore and strengthen their leadership is in expert hands with Vic.

Courtney Smith, Director of Instructional Policy, NYC Department of Education

I needed Vic's help to get out of my habitual thinking around a behavior change I wanted to make. Trying to do it myself over several years had not worked. I'm a successful Executive Coach myself, so I know the power of hiring a coach that can fearlessly challenge a paradigm — Vic called me on beliefs and fears that represented the "sea" in which I habitually swim. Her ability to move me from "perfectionist thinking" to "agile with messy stuff" has been uncomfortable but impactful. Vic's impact created an expansion of joy and well-being, far beyond the original goals we set. She helped me "flip" to a new, fresher paradigm that is naturally moving me to more calm, ease and joy in my decision-making.

Jan Thompson, Executive Coach, Coach 4 Results

Vic is an effective, clear thinking, well-reasoned and insightful leadership coach. She draws from a wealth of knowledge and modalities, making every session a WOW experience. Vic offers practical, insightful tools and techniques for how to move forward with understanding, clarity, capacity, and resilience. I highly recommend her for any leader or individual contributor or individual who wants a deep dive into what is possible for self-development and growth.

Ana Christopher, Client Liaison, Sanctuary Architects

Vic helped me explore my leadership potential. She challenged me to discover my strengths and empowered me to acknowledge my blind spots. She provided incredible support in helping me discover my true potential. Vic is sensitive and intuitive but also has the strength, wisdom and patience to coach people forward on a journey of personal and professional growth. I recommend her wholeheartedly to assist those who are ready to unlock their inherent and unidentified gifts.

Helene Wentink, Executive, Seattle-based Non-Profit Organization

Vic Okerlund is a rare and gifted leadership coach. Striking the right balance between wisdom and compassion is not easy, but it comes naturally to her. She deftly blends the principles of adult development with her skillful use of the Immunity to Change method. Do yourself a favor and give her a call.

David Zeitler, Director of Coaching, Minds at Work

My work with Vic has been invaluable. I have been able to see my growth not only in my personal life but also how I am as a manager. The way I think and view my life and leadership has drastically changed due to my work with Vic. She has played an integral part in my growth by helping me understand my offering to the world and how I can best show up with commitment and presence. She challenged me in a way that allowed me to dig deep and explore my edges, giving me new perspective on what makes me, me!

Miquele Smith, Channel Operations Manager, Bluebeam, Inc.